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YWS Ring Lock

Ring locks are tremendously popular in Europe but have been largely unavailable here. They are bolted or clamped to the seat stays of a city bike and lock the rear wheel through the spokes. They provide an almost instant way to lock your bike.

Ring locks are not intended for high-theft areas or for locking your bike overnight. But in many towns, or out in the country when touring, they are all you need for a quick stop. What's great about them is that they stay on the bike. So when you run into a shop or cafe, a simple flick of a locking lever prevents the casual thief from riding off on your bike. For longer stops you can run a cable around a fixed object and lock it in the ring lock.

The lock is secured to the seat stays with the included clamps. These simply hold the lock in place; it's the steel ring bolt that secures the wheel. Some European bikes have mounting points so the lock can be bolted on.

Includes two keys. Weight is about 385g. Fits over fenders or tires up to 60mm wide.
SKU AC-0002
Weight 385g
Manufacturer Velo Orange
UPC 815667012514

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