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Tektro RL720 Cross Levers, All Silver

These Tektro RL720 Cross, or Interrupter, Levers are frequently used in conjunction with the Tektro RL340 Aero Levers (or other aero brake levers) to provide an additional position from which the rider can brake, the tops. This position is useful for long days in the saddle or in the city to have a more upright view of traffic while maintaining control of the brakes.

These levers fit standard road handlebars with a grip area of 23.8mm. They also feature an ergonomic lever design with reach adjustment, a return spring, and hinge-style clamp. The RL720 levers work with caliper and cantilever brakes.

Weight is 90g.

Sold as a pair.

SKU BR-0057
Color Silver
Manufacturer Tektro
Clamp 23.8mm
Lever Type Inline
UPC 4717592014884

Availability: In stock