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Fairweather For XC by CG, 29" x 2.25

This is a nice tire collaboration between Fairweather and Panaracer. They're perfect for any 29er cross country mountain, dirt touring, mixed terrain bike!

The tread is modeled after Panaracer's XC by CG tire. The rounded profile makes for confident cornering both on and off pavement while the knobs are deep enough to cut into loose ground. Similarly, the center tread is a mix of flats and knobs. They provide a rounded profile for fast rolling, but with knobs to dig deep into dirt.

They measure true to size on an appropriately sized rim.

A great all around tire, all around! Find the 26" version here.

SKU TR-1023
Size 700c
Bead Type Folding
Sidewall Color Tan
Tread Color Black
Tread Pattern XC
Width 2.25 inch
Weight 800g
Manufacturer Panaracer