Grand Cru Front Handlebar Bag

The Grand Cru Handlebar bag's design is based on traditional French bags. It's made in an artisanal sewing shop right here in Maryland. The fabric is heavy dark green 18oz US cotton canvas. Wickett and Craig of Pennsylvania provide the oiled bridle leather for trim.

The large main compartment holds about 9.5 liters. There is also a front pocket, two flat side pockets, and two small rear pockets, perfect for a cell phone and a small camera. One of the neat features is the  internal stiffener which goes in a long sleeve; no plastic is exposed. The top has a map pocket. 

Outside dimensions are: Width = 28cm, depth = 21cm, and height = 25cm. This bag is considerably larger than the VO Campagne bag (and a bit larger than the Ostritch bag, which we no longer stock.)

The Grand Cru handlebar bag is designed to be used with or without a decaleur. There are two webbing patches running front to back under the bag. These are spaced at the same width as the rails on most small front racks. You can pass a strap through them to attach the bag to the rack if you're not using a decaleur.  An old toe clip strap works well for this.

The bag comes with a shoulder strap, very useful when walking around. No handlebar straps are included, since hardly anyone uses them anymore, but there are slots for them in case you're a true traditionalist.

SKU BA-0014
Bag Type Handlebar
Material Canvas
Height 25cm
Width 28cm
Depth 21cm
Manufacturer Velo Orange

Availability: In stock