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Opinel No.8 Expedition Knife

French Opinel pocket knives: Inexpensive, lightweight, and made from superb steel, they are the standard knife of French farmers, hikers, foragers and cyclo-tourists. In fact almost everyone who spends time in the countryside seems to have one. They've been made since 1890 in the town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in the Rhône-Alpes.

I've used Opinel knives since I was a boy. I love the simple rotating ring that locks the blade either open or closed. There is no need for a spring because of the lock ring. The handle is beech, a light but tough wood. This makes Opinel knives quite light and great for cyclists and hikers.

The #8 (8.5cm blade) is considered the standard and most versatile size. This is the expediton version of the classic No.8. It features a lightweight plastic body, orange of course, with an integrated whistle. The blade is stainless with a serrated base and shackle key. The cord end is a nice touch for quick attachment. The wooden handles of traditional knives can swell if they stay wet for a long time, so this knife is recommended for kayakers, sailors, and folks in very wet climates.

SKU TL-1018
Weight 43g
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Length 82mm
Overall Length 192mm
Manufacturer Opinel

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