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P-Clamps for Fender Attachment

These rubber cushioned P-clamps can be used to mount fenders on bikes that lack dropout eyelets. The 1/2" (12mm) size fit most forks and the 3/8" (9.5mm) fit most seat stays, but you might measure to be certain. They can also be used on the chain stay bridge if it lacks a fender-bolt hole.

The price is for one clamp. Clamps are sized based on the diameter of the tube they are going around.  If you don't have calipers to determine this, take some string and wrap it around the tube. Measure the distance and divide by 3.14 to get the diameter.

Metric equivelent sizes: 1-1/4" = 31.5mm, 1"= 25.4mm, 7/8"=22.2mm, 3/4"=19.1mm, 5/8"=15.9mm, 1/2"= 12.7mm, 3/8"=9.5mm, 1/4"=6.4mm

SKU FE-0028
Manufacturer Velo Orange
Material Rubber, Stainless Steel

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