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Savon de Marseille Hard Milled 300g Soap

Savon de Marseille, like Opinel knives, is a treasured part of French country life. It is an artisanal olive oil soap that's been made for some 600 years near Marseille using traditional methods and ingredients. This soap is something that I have used for many years. I find that it cleans and moisturizes in a way that modern factory-made soaps don't. I use it for hands, body, and hair. It doesn't have that strong chemical-like perfume of modern soaps; instead, it is mildly scented with bay leaf. I also like that it doesn't leave skin feeling dry. It really is quite different from modern soap. 

Hard milled soap differs from normal soap in that it has been passed through a high pressure roller mill. The repeated milling (three times for most French soaps) results in a soap that is smoother than normal soap, denser then normal soap, and a much greater consistency of color and texture between bars of soap.

Comes in a nice cardboard package, ideal for gift giving.

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