Polyvalent MK3 - Discontinued

Update (4/12/16): The Polyvalent is currently on sabbatical. It's going back to drawing board to be rejuvenated with modified geometry, fit, and clearances. Keep an eye out on the blog for updates.

Update (11/08/16): Check out the first preview of the next-gen Polyvalent here: http://velo-orange.blogspot.com/2016/11/polyvalent-4-frame-preview.html

Update (11/16/16): Some more specifics here: http://velo-orange.blogspot.com/2016/11/choosing-colors-and-other-polyvalent.html


"Easily the most versatile bike out of dozens tested, the chromoly Polyvalent handles like a dream on long city voyages with as much as 40 pounds on the front rack"  

Outside Magazine Buyers Guide 

The Polyvalent is an urban bike that's also capable of being used for cyclo-touring, brevets, and club rides. Polyvalent is French for "general purpose."

The frame is a low-trail French inspired design, much like our old VO Gentleman frame. It's designed for front loads.

  • The paint is an elegant metallic blue. 
  • Wheel size is 650b, which we feel is really the best choice for a comfortable ride on bumpy city streets or rough country roads. Maximum tire size with fenders is around 44mm  but the frame handles best with a tire around 38mm wide.
  • The rear dropouts are short horizontal dropouts to allow internal hubs and single speed wheels to be used without the need for a chain tensioner. Longer dropouts would make wheel removal difficult on a fendered bike. Rear spacing is 132.5mm, so both 130mm and 135mm rear hubs fit.
  • There is a kickstand plate. A Spring Thing can be fitted between the kickstand plate and the front of the rear fender. This allows the fender to flex forward for wheel removal, while maintaining proper fenderline.
  • There are shifter bosses on the down tube.
  • There are three water bottle mounts.
  • The tubing is all 4130 double butted chromoly. This makes for a light frame and a supple and comfortable ride.
  • The tubes are TIG welded.
  • The rear brake cable housing is uninterrupted. You can sit on the top tube at the cafe without fear of bare cable marring the paint, or your office pants. The cable is not run under the top tube so as not to dig into your shoulder when you carry the bike up the steps to your apartment. There is an integrated rear brake hanger.
  • Includes frame and 1" threaded fork.

The Polyvalent frame takes a 27.2mm seatpost and 28.6mm front derailleur clamp.

Frame geometry can be found here.

A brief comparison of the frame and other VO frames can be found at this link.

If you are getting a VO Headset or Bottom Bracket along with your frame, you can get them installed for a reasonable fee. Labor for Headset Installation and Labor for Bottom Bracket Installation. 

Check out photos of builds here.


SKU FR-0100
Manufacturer Velo Orange